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Harbor Financial Group offers premium insurance and benefits packages for the following:

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Group Benefits

As independent health insurance agents, we have the flexibility of representing a variety of insurance companies and products. We are committed to providing affordable employee benefit options that are designed to meet your needs:

  • Individual and group health plans
  • Dental, vision, life and disability insurance
  • Health savings accounts (HSA’s)
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Section 125 plans
  • Voluntary benefits, such as accident and cancer plans
  • Legal insurance for employees
  • Hospital indemnity
  • Identity theft protection
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Senior healthcare and prescription drug plans
Our clients receive:
  • An annual market analysis of available plans and rates prior to your renewal
  • Overseeing of annual enrollment meetings and one-on-one meetings throughout the year for new employees
  • Prompt (usually same-day) responses to questions, claims assistance and customer issues
  • “Hands-on” attention to detail in every aspect of your customer service

We know that your business has one unique, competitive advantage – your employees. Their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm are key to your success. One of the best ways to retain them is to provide them with the peace of mind that comes with a premier insurance package.

Individual Healthcare

If you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, a consultant, an early retiree, or any employee without a benefits plan, we can help you find the benefits package that works best for your lifestyle and needs.

We offer the following insurance plans:
  • Health insurance
  • Dental & Vision
  • Legal insurance
  • Identity Theft protection
  • Life Insurance
  • Cancer and Accident insurance
  • Hospital indemnity
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Savings plans comparable to 401(k)s
Personal & Commercial Coverage

Harbor Financial Group partners with the Space Coast Insurance Agency, LLC to offer personal and commercial insurance, focusing on professional insurance solutions for individuals and businesses in the Florida marketplace.

We partner to offer the following insurance lines:
  • Homeowners
  • Auto
  • Umbrella
  • Boat, Yacht, PWC
  • RVs
  • Motorcycle
  • Flood & Excess Flood
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Builders’ Risk
  • General & Professional Liability
Government Compliance

When we manage benefits administration for government contractors, companies achieve two goals: They stay competitive in their industry through significant cost savings, and they remain compliant with government regulations.

Government Contractors are companies that do business with federal, state and local governments. They usually fall within three categories:
These government contractors have minimum hourly requirements for wages and benefits, called Fringe Rates (also called prevailing wages or living wage). To satisfy the Fringe Benefit Obligation, employers must pay a Fringe Rate to each employee, separate from their salary or hourly wage. It can be paid in benefits or cash.

However, many government contractors are either confused or unaware of the Fringe Benefit Obligation. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) adds concern for compliance, as does aligning with regulations set by the SCA, DBA, LWO and PPACA. As a result, many have been satisfying the Fringe Benefit in cash, in lieu of benefits. This strategy keeps companies in compliance, but a Fringe Rate paid in cash is considerably more expensive than a Fringe Rate paid in a bona fide benefits plan.

Harbor Financial Group can solve this complicated issue for government contractors.

When Harbor Financial Group manages benefits administration for government contractors, companies achieve two goals: They stay competitive in their industry through significant cost savings, and they remain compliant with government regulations.

Our solution is a win-win-win across the board:
  • Employees receive high quality benefits
  • The government saves on contracts with more competitive bids
  • Contractors save impressive amounts of cash and become more competitive in their industry.
If you’re a government contractor and you would like to save on Fringe Benefits, contact us today.
Medicare Supplements

When it comes to Medicare, seniors have choices. Information for seniors about their healthcare options can be confusing and overwhelming. It is our mission to educate seniors and help them find the plan that provides the quality care they deserve.

As licensed senior healthcare insurance brokers, we offer Medicare plans from dozens of private insurance companies.

We also help you find answers to questions like:
  • What is Original Medicare and are there other healthcare options?
  • What do Medicare Parts A, B, C and D mean?
  • What are the differences between Medicare and other health coverage?
  • Is Original Medicare enough health coverage for me?
  • Are my prescriptions covered? How much will it cost?
  • Do I have deadlines to enroll?
Here’s what one of our Medicare clients has to say:

I am very grateful that Dixie was referred to me and came so well prepared to suggest supplemental insurance policies that were the most appropriate for my stated needs. I appreciate that she patiently handled all the details that I would have found overwhelming and promptly responded to my phone calls.

– JoAnn Ruhlmann, 
Medicare Client

Let Harbor Financial Group help you find the best plan to fit your health care needs.

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